Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Paraglider airlifted from cliff

A man had to be airlifted to hospital with spinal injuries after crashing his glider into Saltburn cliffs.The 52-year-old crashed half way up the cliffs and paramedics had to climb 40ft up a steep cliffside slope covered in thorn bushes to reach him. The Humber Coastguard was alerted on Monday afternoon and an RAF helicopter, police and the fire service all assisted in the rescue.The man, who was conscious, was taken to Middlesbrough's James Cook Hospital. Dave Owen, from Tees East and North Yorkshire Ambulance Service, led the operation. He said: "We climbed over a fence and made our way up the steep slope to where the patient was. He was in a stable condition, conscious and talking. "We put him onto a spinal board but because of his position on the cliff face we had to call an RAF helicopter in to airlift him off the cliff face to hospital."

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