Monday, August 21, 2006

Rhythm or Blues

The Arrhythmia Alliance (Heart Rhythm) Charity are organising their annual Arrhythmia Awareness Week (AAAW) 12 - 19th September 2006. An arrhythmia is a medical term used to describe a heart that beats too fast or too slow or irregularly. Did you know that:

  • cardiac arrhythmias affect more than 1 million people in the UK and is consistently in the top ten reasons for admission to hospitals.

  • 1 in 85 people have experienced an arrhythmia.

  • up to 1/3 of patients diagnosed with epilepsy may be misdiagnosed and many of these may be suffering from cardiac arrhythmias.

  • cardiac arrhythmia is the number 1 killer, more so than lung cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined.

Do you have the rhythm or the blues? Does your heart beat in rhythm or are you suffereing from the blues that an abnormal heartbeat brings because you, or someone you know, awaits treatment?
Rebecca's personal mission is to improve awareness, diagnosis and treatment leading to a better quality of life for those people suffering with cardiac arrhythmias in our local area. At the age of 45, after years of misdiagnosis and (mis)treatment which totally changed the course and quality of her life, she was diagnosed as having a fast, irregular heart beat. In January 2005 she underwent five hours of heart surgery at the James Cook University Hospital which was completely successful in returning her heart back to it's normal rhythm. She no longer suffers from 'the blues' and can now lead a completely normal life. She has, however, recently lost her father who was unaware that he suffered from the same condition.
Rebecca is supporting Arrhythmia Alliance during this important week by raising awareness in our local community. The local primary school have offered unconditional support with the offer of a non-uniform day. The Rotary Club and other businesses have invited Rebecca to talk to them about her experiences to help promote awareness of this debilitating condition.
Rebecca is keen to stress that the week is about awareness raising rather than fund raising although any donations would be more than welcome in the efforts to help the early diagnosis and treatment of what can be a life threatening condition. If you can offer support in any way or would simply like to talk to Rebecca she can be contacted though our website. Please use our contact form or e-mail

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