Saturday, December 02, 2006

March of the Pigeons

Saltburn has for some time seen a great increase in the pigeon population and a number of areas including the town centre, Methodist Church and various private dwellings have suffered from the invasion and the scourge of droppings from the roosting birds. Several businesses in the town square are now taking action and are requesting people put their complaints into writing. The notice has been placed in the window of the tourist information office, located in the station precinct, and one of several businesses affected by the plethora of pigeon droppings splattered around the station portico. Mrs Judy Bullock, who runs the centre, has put up the notice following a number of complaints. She also commented that a lady had recently slipped on the mess, and although not hurt was very shaken. The notice, after apologising for the mess, points out that the land is privately owned and does not come under council control. It then asks customers to write a letter of complaint which will be sent to the relevant people and hopefully result in some action being taken.
The Methodist Church in Milton Street has also suffered for a number of years with pigeon droppings littering the steps to the main entrance which have to be cleaned daily to remove the mess. Complaints have also been made by individuals from a number of private residences along the 'Jewel Streets' but so far nothing seems to have been done.

The pest team is now investigating a number of complaints from shop staff, members of the public and residents and is said to be carrying out a planned programme of works to control pigeons at a number of locations across the borough where a problem has been highlighted. A spokesman said the council was trying to contact the owners of Saltburn's portico area, a London company, to bring the matter to their attention so that action can be taken.

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Resident, Balmoral Terrace said...

Apart from the acidity of pigeon droppings damaging buildings aren't there health and safety issues to consider with regard to the diseases they carry? And doesn't the council have powers to enforce action when/where necessary?