Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jewel Streets Refuse Collection Changes

At last the council has recognised the problems faced by residents in the Jewel Streets which have been compounded by the changes in refuse collection - rubbish now being collected fortnightly rather than weekly. Many properties in this area are multiple occupancy, many are upper floor properties which do not have any rear access and therefore cannot accommodate a wheelie bin except in the rear allies. These bins become targets and are often stolen, torched or vadalised and residents are left without a receptacle to accommodate their rubbish. Black bags and general rubbish are then dumped in the allies. This has become a major problem since the introduction of the fortnightly collection and many residents have complained bitterly about the 'overflow' and the resulting mess which is then an ideal target for attracting vermin. In an effort to address this problem the council has decided to install large container bins at the top and bottom of each alley. These bins will be clearly marked 'for domestic use only' and can only be used by the residents of the Jewel Streets. Unfortunately they will still only be emptied fortnighly in line with the current refuse collection calendar.
Whislt applauding the councils consultation with residents representatives and making a positive move to address the problem we still feel that the whole issue of refuse collection and the present recycling methods needs to be carefully reassessed so that the town does not become a 'plastic' jungle.

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Pearl Street Resident said...

while its great to have these new bins available and improvements are beginning to be noticable there is still a major problem in one location at the end of this street which needs some sort of action to enforce use of available receptacles instead of blatant dumping of rubbish in the alley