Saturday, April 28, 2007

£788 Boost for Theatre Building Fund

A gig by Father Ted legend and stand-up comic Michael Redmond has raised almost £800 for the Saltburn Theatre Building Fund. A total of £788.10 was raised by the near sell-out show, held at the Theatre on Wednesday 25 April. Gig promoter Rob O’Connor of media & PR service ten past eight, donated his profits of £332, with the theatre’s own bar profits, hire fee, and a bucket collection on the night of the show making up the rest.
Rob O’Connor said: “Michael was fantastic on the night. People were stopping me in the street after the gig and saying he was the funniest comic they’d ever seen. In the days leading up to the gig I’d had visits to my website from as far afield as Paris, New York, Valencia and Billingham. That Father Ted effect gets everywhere.”
“Big thanks should go to all the local shops and businesses who happily displayed posters, to Garry.Biz and Thurston Printers who rustled up a new poster between them for free when I decided to turn the night into a benefit gig, and especially to Saltburn Health Foods in Station Buildings. Saltburn Health Foods sell tickets for every production at Saltburn Theatre without accepting any commission whatsoever. They don’t seek publicity. They just do it because they love the town, and they are fantastic people.”
The £788.10 will hopefully go a small way to help replace the dent in the Theatre’s Building Fund, after the theft of a significant amount of lead from the community hall roof was discovered back in March.

The £788.10 raised on the night comprised:

£322.87 - profits donated by gig promoter ten past eight
£150.00 - theatre hire fee paid by ten past eight
£230.00 - theatre bar’s profit on the night
£75.23 - bucket collection/donation organised by the theatre on the night

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