Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paraglider survives cliff crash

A novice paraglider had a miraculous escape after smashing into the side of the cliffs near Saltburn on Thursday afternoon. The 46 year old, from Malton, is a member of two gliding clubs in the region. He had only just passed his Club Pilot’s Licence and has had only an hour’s air time since passing. Despite the conditions being perfect for gliding the pilot got too close to the ridge and hit it at about 20mph. Several other paragliders were in the air at the time and watched in horror as he hit Huntcliff. They called the emergency services. Humber Coastgaurd called in an RAF Helicopter from Boulmer because of the difficulty in getting the casualty from half way down the cliff to the cliff top to the ambulance.The injured pilot was winched to safety by a search and rescue RAF Sea King helicopter and was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital where he was admitted for observation but his injuries are not believed to be serious.
The incident took place just 300 yards from the Ship Inn and the area was sealed off while the crash was investigated. The incident has been referred to the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association which oversees pilot and instructor training standards.

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