Friday, June 13, 2008

Wildlife Garden takes root.

Ladies from Saltburn Women’s Institute lent a hand to improve the environment by planting several native orchard trees in Saltburn Allotments Association’s new wildlife garden.
The activity was part of the Action Earth campaign, organised by Community Service Volunteers - the UK’s largest volunteering and training organisation, pictured Maureen Potter, Ann Cowie and Judith Strong of Satburn WI Sue Featherstone from Saltburn Allotments Association.
Action Earth aims to get people taking part in practical environmental projects which help improve the quality of life for now, and for future generations.
And luckily for all concerned, the sun shone down on Saltburn as the trees went in at the allotments off Hazelgrove Road.
Participant Maureen Potter said: “The wildlife garden is a lovely idea and the Action Earth campaign enables local people to become involved in improving their environment.”

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