Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bath Spa Express

Seats are still available for this years luxury return train trip from Saltburn to Bath.
Saltburn Railtours' Bath Spa Express, from July 3-6, will see up to 276 people whisked south on a Pullman-style service, recreating the heyday of classy train travel.
Tickets for the trip are £395, and also include accommodation in a choice of three or four-star hotels and an excursion to Longleat.
Trip organiser, Loftus GP Rob Dallara, says the annual Saltburn Railtours trip is usually sold out by now, but the credit crunch is biting.
He said: "It's a lot more than just a train ride."
To book, call 01287 625956, 07813 841496 or write to Flat 10, Zetland Ct, Dundas Street, Saltburn, TS12 1GA. For details visit


Anonymous said...

this was not a good trip !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this was not a good trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!