Monday, April 26, 2010

Searching for a Subject

A Saltburn artist and photographer is celebrating winning a top national award - and searching for his mystery subject so that he can offer him a limited edition photo print of the shot to say thanks.

Glenn Humphrey, based at SaltburnArtistsProject, beat more than 1,600 entrants to take top spot in the Best Landscape category in the ‘britainis’ contest organised by istockphoto and The Guardian.

The winning photo features a man throwing a stick for his dogs. Glenn said: “I’d love to know who the man in the photo is, and where he’s from. He could be local, as his dogs are obviously not scared of running towards the sea.But, as the photo was taken last summer, he could just as easily be from anywhere else in the world and simply passing through.”

The winning photo was taken at 11.30am on August 19 last year, and Glenn admits he really hadn’t expected to win the contest.
The photo : 'Time out - Saltburn Beach' is £79 a print available at ArtsBank, 29 Milton Street, Saltburn.

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Seasalt said...

The 'mystery man' has been identified as retired gamekeeper Tony Roe, 74, of Brotton. Before settling in Brotton Tony used to live in Saltburn, diving regularly for crabs and lobsters from a Saltburn coble.