Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saltburn coach helps surfers capture the perfect wave.

A local surfing instructor is giving surfers a unique opportunity to benefit through video coaching. Richie Mitchell, 38, of Saltburn, has bought a video camera and editing software to provide a service that is normally only available to professional surfers.
The British Surf Association coach is thought to be the only instructor outside Cornwall offering video coaching.
It allows him to film his students in action and analyse their performance together on screen.
Mr Mitchell said,"I had the idea for the service when I had my own surfing filmed and it proved to be a big breakthrough in terms of my performance.
Surfing is incredibly popular in the region and I realised that everyone deserves the opportunity to improve in this way not just professionals.
Video coaching allows you to see mistakes that you don't know you're making when you're out on the water and I'm very excited to be the only surf coach offering this service in the North-East."
A low-cost loan from UK Steel Enterprise has also allowed him to develop a website at to promote the new service.
Mr Mitchell will offer video coaching as part of his normal service, but also plans to offer special birthday and Christmas packages as the ideal gift for surf enthusiasts.
Nick Johnson, of UKSE, said, "We're always keen to support new businesses that are a little bit different or offer the North-East something new. Richie is doing something that doesn't seem to exist anywhere closer than Cornwall which is more than 400 miles away."
Mr Mitchell turned to UKSE when a promised grant fell through at the last moment.
He said, "They really saved my bacon because they stepped in and the process of securing the funding was fast and simple". The low-cost loan is terrific value and makes a big difference financially. Mr Mitchell can be contacted on 07816-194969 or at

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