Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Saltburn

At approximately 10.49 this morning Captain Nigel Pease, the great, great, grandson of Henry Pease, arrived in Saltburn by train along with a number of political representatives from Darlington, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar in recognition of the history of the development of the Stockton & Darlington railway that terminated here in Saltburn.

He was met at the station by Anthony Wharton, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the North Yorkshire Riding, as well as Councillor Vera Rider, Chairperson of Saltburn, Markse and New Markse Parish Council and Councillor Philip Thompson Chairperson of the Saltburn 150 Committee.

Marske Band playing on the Station Square before the arrival of the guests.
August 17th marks the traditionally celebrated date for the arrival of the first paying passengers into Saltburn 150 years ago. Markse Brass Band played on the Station Square to welcome the guests as they disembarked.

Captain Pease then unveiled the third of five commemorative mosaics designed by Helen Gaunt and Derek Mosey and made in collaboration with both residents of and visitors to Saltburn.

Captain Nigel Pease, with Helen Gaunt and Derek Mosey at the unveiling of the mosaic.
All the mosaics depict parts of the town’s history, with the third mosaic representing one of the engines that hauled carriages into Saltburn in its early years and is set against the background of Alpha Place, the first residential building to be erected in the town, but now demolished.

Councillor Philip Thomson exploring the newly unveiled mosaic.
The party then proceeded to the Station Portico where it stopped for refreshments at Profile Gallery & Sitting Room - originally the old first class ladies waiting room - before visiting local charity Doorways which is now based in what was the stations original refreshment room.

Next the party walked along the old station platform past the sheltered housing - built upon the land which originally sported the old Zetland Hotel’s tennis courts - where they were welcomed by residents of the now converted hotel and escorted on to the grand terrace to take in the view of Huntcliff as guests would have done when the hotel was newly opened in 1863.

Henry Pease not only had the vision for Saltburn and drove it’s construction but also maintained a residence in Saltburn. His address was 5 Britannia Terrace, now believed to be 7 Marine Parade. The party stopped here as Captain Pease was shown round his ancestors home by current residents Carol and Graham Gaunt.

Saltburn's Funicular is the oldest water balanced cliff lift still in operation in the UK. It’s carriages were recently refurbished and re-installed in time for this year’s celebrations and the party used it to descend to the foreshore before taking a stroll along the last remaining iron pier on the North-East Coast before lunch.

After lunch the party promenaded along to Old Saltburn stopping at the Beache Cafe, one of the oldest occupied sites in Saltburn, to sample some traditional Yorkshire Ice-Cream before proceeding into the Valley Gardens, the first development of the new town Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

Since the postwar period Saltburn Miniature Railway Association, staffed by volunteers, has run their services through the Valley Gardens carrying many thousands of visitors over the years. The volunteers have spent the last five years bringing an engine back to life, their dedicated perseverance has resulted in the train being brought into active service this year. In celebration of the anniversary the train was formally named “Saltburn 150″ by Captain Pease.

After an inaugural ride through the Valley Gardens the party returned to the seafront and took the cliff lift back to the upper promenade where it processed along the seafront to the new bandstand which stands on the site of the Ha’Penny Bridge built by Anthony Wharton’s ancestors.

The tour was concluded by a visit to the Saltburn Arts Community Hall where they took tea whilst browsing the Annual Art exhibition.

Playing Croquet on Marine Parade

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