Monday, August 27, 2012

Publish and be darned... the Prince and the Papers

The latest pictures of a naked Prince Harry are likely to cause less of a furore than those taken recently at a party in Las Vegas.

Just when you thought the yarn about his naked Vegas romp couldn't get any longer visitors to Saltburn this week-end were in for a surprise and this time the prince was really stitched up.

As Harry tries to distance himself from his partying antics a knitted figure, which models the pose of the now infamous photos, has mysteriously appeared on the upper prom near to the cliff lift and next to the Diamond Jubilee display left by the anonymous 'Saltburn Yarnbombers' earlier this year.

The consequences of his drunken week-end may not be a laughing matter for the prince but the knitted doll is thought to be amongst the more complimentary tributes to his antics.

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