Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Sam and Meg from Ian Forsyth - Documentary Photog on Vimeo

Meg is now 2 years old. When my girlfriend Alice and I got Meg as a 10 week old ball of fluff who knew what was to follow! While giving Meg basic puppy training at home I found she would do pretty much anything for her ball, so I gradually made the tricks harder and she was and still is keen to learn more and more!

As a Saltburn surfer I spend most of my time down at the beach and naturally Meg is with me. The trick training soon started attracting the attention of passing locals and tourists who would gather to watch Meg in action!

At the start Meg used to watch us surf from my van, or at the surf shop with her Labrador friend ‘Barley’ owned by Gary Rogers of Saltburn Surf Shop.

Gradually we noticed her desire to be in the sea with us so I started playing on the shallows with her and a board. She loved it so we went further until we were surfing properly. I never take her into big surf or make her do anything she doesn’t want to do, but she loves to learn, loves to play and loves the attention she gets from onlookers from the pier and beach. She now has her own surfboard and life jacket, and of course we always take a ball with us to play fetch in the sea!

Meg’s tricks and surfing has attracted the attention of various media, which we are thrilled by. Meg loves to pose and have her photo taken, and loves playing with anyone who will throw the ball for her! I don’t plan to enter Meg into contests as we do it just for fun, but of course the media attention is much welcome.

I am currently trying to get her in various newspapers and magazines, and trying to get her food or equipment sponsorship so if anyone could help with that please let us know!

If you see us down at the surf shop, please feel free to come and say hi, take a photo and give my ball throwing arm a rest!
Sam Davis

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