Wednesday, March 27, 2013

£6million scheme to help clean up Saltburn beach

A £6million scheme to help clean up the water at Saltburn beach has been announced today (Wednesday, March 27) after a dramatic drop from the highest to the lowest category in the Good Beach Guide.

Northumbria Water has announced the project after heavy rain last year meant pesticide, storm runoff and dog mess was washed into the water off Saltburn.

Graham Neave, Northumbrian Water’s operations director, said: “We are committed to playing our part to help the bathing water at Saltburn meet the new standards for visitors to enjoy."

Tough new regulations coming into force in 2015 mean that if nothing is done to improve, the beach may have to display a sign stating it has poor water quality which will put visitors off and damage the local economy.

Nick Noble, owner Saltburn Surf Hire and Surf School, said: “It comes as no surprise to us. Of course we’re worried about the signs going up because people tend to react badly to that sort of thing but until there is an improvement in infrastructure there is always going to be a problem."

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