Monday, May 13, 2013

The Easterly

A "love story to the North-east coast" will be told in Saltburn next month (June).

And anyone interested in taking part in an 'acting and singing walk' from the town centre to the pier is invited to a weekend of workshops on Saturday and Sunday May 18-19.

"'The Easterly' will be a rich tapestry of stories and songs shared on a walk from Saltburn's community theatre in Albion Terrace to the pier," said co-director Phil Ormrod, of the Stockton-based performance company Switchback.

"It'll talk about living by the sea. It's a love song to the North-east coast and the people who live there."

'The Easterly.' A figure stands above the water, listening to the easterly wind. Around you, the choir sing shanties and songs to the loved and the dear and departed. How many people have stood on this pier, and longed to be past the horizon? How many homecomings happened just here, and who didn’t find what they wished for?

The Easterly is a vivid explosion of stories and songs, told on a walk from Saltburn Arts Centre to the edge of the sea. Made with storytellers and a community choir, it celebrates the spirit of the North East coast, and holds out a hand to anyone who’s ever wished for something as they looked at the sea.

Open workshops for young people aged 16-18 and anyone interested in singing will be held at the Saltburn School project in the former Marske Mill Lane old junior school on May 18th-19th

The walk will take place on Sunday June 30, starting at 6:30pm. If wet, umbrellas will be provided. The show is suitable for all ages, and the Theatre and walking route is wheelchair accessible.

The production is being produced with Saltburn Community and Arts Association and is part of the Festival of the North-east. Details from and
Tickets are available at

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