Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Damage Information and Plan of Repairs to Lower Prom

As reported by Councillor Stuart Smith

On Friday morning the 3 ward councillors Joan, Philip and I met with Council officers and the Cabinet member for Highways and Planning, to ascertain the extent of the damage and planned order of repair works to be undertaken due to the recent storm. I can report the following.

1. LOSS OF SLIP WAYS AND PART OF SEA WALL - A stonemason will undertake repair work starting in early January. The sandstone blocks will be stored on the lower prom next to the life guard station. The repair work will take up to 8 weeks and each stone will have to be reset in a similar way as a jig saw. The slip way will have a concrete base where prior to the storm it was compact shingle. Sea wall railings will be replaced.

2. DAMAGE TO ROAD SURFACE - Work underway to repair by Carillion.

3. DAMAGE TO PIER - The pier structure itself appears to be undamaged but will remain closed until access can be gained to the pier head from the beach when tidal flows allow. The main building amusements have suffered extensive damage to the interior due to sea water entering the building. We were told water damage had even occurred to the ceiling. Of concern are that two major supporting beams under the pier head have snapped however the engineer states they should be easily removed and replaced? Time scale on this is unknown but will be carried out a.s.a.p.

4. VICTORIAN SHELTER - The shelter supports were found to be rotten and this has been demolished. In relation to this there was some discussion as to whether it should be replaced. I got the feeling that there was a reluctance to do so due to financial implications, however all 3 councillors disagreed with this and stated it should be replaced. I suggested it could be a project for the local college or Kirklevington Prison if we funded the materials required.

5. STEPS FROM PIER CAR PARK TO BEACH CLOSE TO CCTV POLE - Will be reset this week by Carillion.

6. DAMAGED FOOTBRIDGE OVER BECK - Wooden boards to be repaired a.s.a.p. and none slip surface applied. Shingle under the road bridge over the weekend which was pushed in with the high tide was removed lowering the beck level from the bridge span. Further work to investigate the removal of the old sewer pipe underneath which acts as a barrier during flooding and high tides. Long term goal is to replace bridge and construct it closer to the height of the road bridge.

7. EROSION OF BANKSIDE OPPOSITE CAMFIELDS - Armour rock (Gabion baskets would not be permitted by environmental agency) to be placed in various sections to stabilise area. Long term goal is to stabilise whole area with concrete bankside similar to section at picnic area.

In addition we were informed that over the past year the sand level on the beach had dropped over one and half feet which if it had been in place would have had a dragging effect on the sea level and wave impact.

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