Tuesday, February 04, 2014

News and views from the Valley

What a relief! Flushed with success! Okay, we are a bit euphoric about the fact that the Woodland Centre now has a toilet! It is very significant though. It really is the final piece in the jigsaw that makes the centre fit for hire. So please consider The Woodland Centre as a venue for family and group activities and celebrations. Days are beginning to get longer again. Where better for your children’s party? Tutus and wellies are a fabulous combination and I know this first hand.

The Christmas tree selling venture: well, sadly we are not awash with profit and the committee will not be holidaying in the Caribbean this year. We worked very hard and have just about broken even on our outlay. Lots of people said “If only we had known,” or “There wasn’t enough publicity.” Other people were put off because we could not unwrap all the trees for inspection and we realise
that was an important issue. We had very good feedback from people who did buy from us. Many emailed to say their tree was the best they had ever bought and hope we do it again. So thank you to all who did support us and we are having a big think about whether we should do it again and where or how etc. Any thoughts or opinions: contact our web site.

The Task group has continued to meet every Friday. New undergrowth clearing work has been done in the community orchard and paths opened up for the enjoyment of the public. We are also pleased to report that Millfield Meadow which has been the focus of a lot of our work has now obtained the status of a People’s Meadow in the Coronation Meadow scheme. This is a national initiative to revive Britain’s lost and endangered wild flower meadow sites (Google Coronation Meadows). Thanks to Katie for all her hard work on this.

This time last year the disabled access path was a churned up building site. One year on and it is looking attractive and full of creative possibility. More work has recently been done in digging up the old ramp which was a slip hazard and putting in some more steps. We are planning to make the top grassed area into a mini meadow and we have the continuing help of the Community Payback Team on projects around the site.

I really hope that we are not facing more onslaughts of extreme weather in the near future. Bring on the spring flowers and new life in the Valley. I can’t wait!

Valley Adventures still have an operational base at the centre.
Here is their latest message:

"We will be launching our new website in February and offering even more activities this year, such as gorge walking, rock climbing, abseiling, hill walking and stand up paddling. We have also applied for accreditation by the Adventure Activity Licensing Authority (AALA) to offer these activities to youngsters. Further, we are proud to be working closely with Hunley Golf Course to support their corporate clients and outdoor enthusiasts.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Valley Adventures in 2013 and we look forward to sharing great outdoor experiences with you this year.”

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