Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sustrans Rangers Saltburn work day.

Anyone walking into Saltburn along the black path beside the railway will have seen a transformation on the land just before the allotments. A result of two years volunteer work, this week has seen the final clearance of the asbestos fly tipping which had lain hidden in a heap for twenty years until found overgrown and matted in briers.

Sustrans hired a JCB team in cooperation with the Council to clear the site returning it to nature. This weekend saw the Rangers surface pick the soil to clear away bottles, old bricks, fence posts, lumps of concrete and years of hand dropped litter including hundreds of drink cans to uncover a beautiful fertile top soil.

This will be left fallow for six-eight weeks then sprayed off and planted with Poppy as a tribute in remembrance of the WWI fallen.

The Wild Flower Meadow planted with £250 worth of seed last Autumn is starting to grow. Enjoy it and thank you to all the volunteers that have helped create it.

Pictures show the Sustrans Redcar & Cleveland Rangers planting Bluebells and clearing the site.

Philip Chisholm, Ranger Coordinator, wishes to thank the seventeen Rangers that have given a total of 810 voluntary hours so far to this project and also to the Neighbourhood Council Team that have supported our efforts.

Anyone wishing to go on short training cycle rides get in touch, we are also organising fitness walks.

Helping to make sustainable transport a beautiful and enjoyable opportunity, after all, life is all about the journey.

Philip Chisholm
Sustrans Redcar & Cleveland Ranger Volunteer Coordinator.
T:01642 485322
M:07802 936 414

Dog Foul and Fly Tipping.
The Sustrans Volunteers restart their by-weekly dog foul and horse dung clearance of the black path from Marske to Saltburn this April. This path is currently in a disgusting state after a winter without the volunteers cleaning it.
A warning to those that do not pick up their dog's foul. The new £1000 fines are now in force with up to 10 years in prison for fly tipping.

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