Thursday, April 20, 2006

Clifftop access blocked!

Access to the lower promenade and the beach from Marine Parade has hit the headlines once again this week. Visitors will now find it even more difficult to reach the beach with the installation of additional galvanised fencing to block the pathways down to the lower promenade.
After many years of closure, this weeks activity is the first sign of any action by the council since the installation of the red signs stating the closure of the cliff top paths.
The only routes down to the beach which remain open are the path at Hazelgrove (not accessible for buggies and wheelchairs), the steps near the cliff lift, and the cliff lift itself.
The pathways have been closed to the public since storms caused landslides in 2000. Despite public concern the deterioration continues as a result of the lack of action taken. The Borough Council insists that they are trying to secure funding for topographical surveys that are needed before the pathways can be re-opened. Meanwhile residents and visitors continue to suffer restricted access to the beach.
(Over two months ago Mrs Mavis Moss presented local MP Ashok Kumar with a 1,600-signature petition as part of her campaign for improved walkways from the top to the lower promenade.)

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