Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Blood in Saltburn

Steven Walker - Penetrating the ArtificeFive recent BA and MA graduates are showing their work as part of the New Blood exhibition at Saltburn Art Gallery.
Lauren Healey from the Saltburn Artists Project says, "Although they work across a range of media, their sensitive use of materials ties their work together.
"Ginny Reed explores residues and remnants of events or performances using photography and video.
"Lesley Rayner and Maggie Hunter work with delicate and fragile materials such as wax, fabric and latex, and whilst Rayner responds to ancient decaying woodlands, Hunter considers traces of the human body and the passage of time.
"Keri Townsend has been exploring the sphere through reduction, segmentation and division, and Steven Walker creates drawings and objects which explore his fascination with how we construct our identity through consumption and appropriation."
Both Walker and Townsend will be making work specifically for the Saltburn Gallery.
The exhibit is open until Sunday 28th May."

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