Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lighting our Culture - Phase 2

Zetland Hotel c. 1930 The lighting & illumination of buildings, structures and landscapes throughout the Borough is a project which aims to raise the areas profile, enhance local community pride and bring visitors into the area, helping to attract businesses and employment opportunities. The first phase in Saltburn saw the illumination of the pier and cliff lift. This project was the winner of the 2006 Lighting Design Awards for Transport Lighting. Now planning permission has been granted for the next phase in Saltburn's Lighting Scheme which aims to extend the attraction potential of the town to late summer evenings and the autumn/winter months. To complement the illumination of the cliff lift and pier the next phase will see the lighting of the Station Portico and the Zetland Hotel (now Zetland Apartments). The general concept is to wash the Zetland building with low level white light to emphasize the key architectural features of the building and provide Victorian style pedestal lighting which would provide an interesting and enhancing feature to the building during the day. The lighting of the Station Portico is to feature the columns, arches and entabulature to provide a principal town feature at night.

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