Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tea Time Dilema

Valley Gardens Tea room 1955Following on from the demolition of the small toilet block near to the Valley Garden Tea Rooms, it has been reported that the Council are also considering the demolition of the Valley Garden Tea Rooms themselves, together with the now empty bungalow. Many people have enjoyed hours of pleasure in the 'Italian Garden' area. The Tea Rooms themselves have always been very popular and have, until this year, been leased by Virgos. The council decision has sparked another area of controversy within the town. 'Real Meals' have voiced their concern, stating that they are trying to create a co-operative, with a view to purchasing the tea rooms from the council but have not yet been able to contact anyone at the council with regard to their intentions. I'm beginning to find it difficult to understand this seemingly systematic removal of local amenities and attractions rather than developing them. After all, we are a tourist attraction, aren't we?

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