Thursday, July 06, 2006

Harry speaks out...again

The Local Authority has declared it's intention, and indeed won awards for 'raising the area's profile,' thanks largely to external regeneration funding. It seems a pity that the motivation for the perceived 'improvements' seems to be driven by a 'get it while you can or someone else will have it' policy.
Has the geology of our coastline changed over the last 100 or even 500 years? I think not. The Local Authority signage indicates that 'until the land settles, there is nothing to be done.' (see clifftop access blocked ) Call me a cynic, but I would suggest that however much the constant surveying is costing us, the answer will always be "nope, not settled enough yet." Maybe when the tectonic plates all fuse together it'll be safe to start work. It also occurs to me to ask why such an unstable, dangerous bankside should be chosen to pour hundreds of tons of concrete on to build a fossil garden? Or could it be that R&CBC have declared their intention to do nothing and more importantly absolved themselves of liability on the footpath rights of access problem, or at least reduced it's responsibility by half.
I could continue about how angry it makes me to see the loss of the Blue Flag Seaside Award Zone, and still no dog waste bins. The apalling temporary/permanent galvanised zinc barriers that are placed in front of other barriers on the pretext of safety. Or I could get involved and try to restore some common sense, or at least have an input into the policy makers decision making process.
If you feel like I do, and many of you have already told me so, then come to my shop: Charlie Don't Surf or e-mail me
The residents, businesses and visitors that fuel the local economy and make Saltburn a unique place, deserve to enjoy it, and the Local Authority has a duty to maintain its prime asset and the undoubted focus that has always been its main selling point: THE SEA FRONT.
(adapted from an article in 'Talk of the Town)

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