Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fresh Appeal by S.A.R.A charity

Saltburn Animal Rescue Association (Sara), is making a fresh appeal for financial help to bring their hopes of building an animal sanctuary to fruition. The charity has raised £407,000 towards establishing a home for strays, since it first launched it's sanctuary appeal in August 1999. While that money means the charity will be able to buy a site, volunteers now face the daunting task of raising a further £100,000 a year, to pay for the sanctuary's running costs. Feeding and maintaining between 50 and 60 abandoned dogs already costs Sara between £2,000 and £3,000 a month. The charity has just printed fresh appeal posters to be displayed in shop windows and veterinary surgeries appealing for help with running costs. Anne Prosser, Sara's chairwoman, said, "We are now seriously looking for a site and hope to find one before the end of this year, but with it being public money we have to make sure we find the right place. It is essential money is raised to help with anticipated running costs. Being able to raise £400,000, in the face of other demands on people's money, demonstrates backing for a sanctuary. However, we need to raise funds for running costs quickly, so the sanctuary can be set up quickly." The charity's second hand shop, which opened in Guisborough just over a year ago, has raised £29,000. "Everything is a step out in faith and we are just waiting to make the last jump," said Mrs Prosser.

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