Thursday, October 05, 2006

The future is bright

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council is organising an ambitious multi-thousand pound programme of work to light up Saltburn. The work is in addition to a major lighting and illumination project which resulted in spotlighting the pier, the amusement arcade, the cliff lift – lighting the track and the cars – and the chalets from dusk to midnight. Following the success of this phase of the sceme the council is now looking at lighting features in the town centre. Planning permission is being sought to light up the 130 year old station portico and town clock, which is fifty years old. In addition the council is aiming to light steps leading from the top of the cliff-lift to the lower promenade, as well as lighting along the prom itself - at a suggestion from seafront traders.
The eventual aim of the council is to install lighting schemes across the borough but initial concentration is on Saltburn. A council spokesman said funding agencies wanted to see the benefit of lighting features being concentrated in one area and the focus was on Saltburn because of it's architecture. Other parts of Saltburn being looked at for inclusion in the scheme are the Zetland (former hotel and now apartments) and the Community Theatre.

The proposal for the foreshore building opposite the pier is to have white, green and blue lighting to represent waves. The lighting columns proposed for the Lower Promenade would be six metres high to provide a 'dramatic' effect with a minimum of lighting intensity rather than floodlighting. The Smuggler's Centre would feature a lit-up mermaid at the Ship Inn. At the Community Theatre, the effect would include a "gentle colour change". The Station portico scheme would offer an "attractive and safe environment for people entering the area" and there would be anti-pigeon spikes to avoid problems.

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