Sunday, July 08, 2007

Flock of Sheep

The well grassed lawns of Saltburn's Emmanuel Church have recently been grazed daily by two of the most unusual members of the church's 'flock'. Lambs Bertie and Shaun belong to Paul Tidy and partner Andrea Cooke, who live near the town centre church. The lambs were rescued by the couple and were kept in the house for the first few weeks while they were bottle fed. Living opposite the church, which has a large grassed area, the couple asked if the sheep could graze there. Saltburn vicar, the Reverend Guy Donegan-Cross, said he was happy for the lambs to stay. “They give the town a more villagey feel and it’s amazing how many people have noticed them. They are doing a good job keeping the grass down!” It also means that the church wardens have an environmentally friendly way of keeping the grass short. Animal health officers and the police are happy that the two month old sheep - both Dutch Texels - are well cared for.

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