Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spadework on Learning Campus begins.

Students from Huntcliff School, and pupils from Saltburn Primary School united to celebrated the start of the schools' summer holidays - and the beginning of construction on the new £14.7 million Saltburn Learning Campus. The first of two phases should be completed by September 2008, providing a new secondary school to replace the existing Huntcliff School buildings, then in a second phase, the new primary school is expected to be complete by September, 2009. The development, which is being carried out by contractor Balfour Beatty Construction Northern Ltd, has been designed to create a modern learning campus, expanding on the existing facilities of the Children`s Centre, Leisure Centre and a Multi-Use Games Area providing lifelong learning opportunities. The Council's Cabinet Member for Education Councillor Ian Jeffrey said: "The summer holidays will be a busy period for the contractors, then the challenge will be to build the new secondary school around the existing Huntcliff while allowing the school to continue its normal operations, without adversely affecting the pupils' education. "It was a busy last day of term at Huntcliff, whose students enjoyed a fund-raising non-uniform day. Headteacher Ruth Headdon said: "Friday was a ground-breaking day in more ways than one, celebrating the achievements of the school and looking forward to the development in the future. We are already working on joint projects with the primary school. We've had a Japanese drumming workshop and Year 9 recently experienced the awe and wonder of Iceland and are now preparing a virtual tour for the school’s website. "Saltburn Primary headteacher Janet Richardson said: "I think it's an exciting opportunity for our children as well as the community as a whole. We will be watching it grow and we are already looking forward to starting to share the facilities - even though we won't be in the building just yet."

Progress can be monitored here.


Anonymous said...

What a shame the three good small schools were not refurbished instead.

Anonymous said...

i go to the school and it better than the small ones but it would have to get re-built sometime

Anonymous said...

i have been schooled in both the old and new schools and personally i think that the new one is great. However, I think it was too much of a dramatic change; e.g the cctv cameras covering every corner of the school. I know it's for safety at the end of the day, but for me, for a school it is too 'big brother'.
I think it is subliminally demanding on the students to 'behave'. yes, it works; some behave more than in the old school, but i don't think everyone feeling watched all the time is the right way to order good behavior.
The old school had more life,
Now, i see robot-like students paranoid about the eyes that they know are watching them.
call me paranoid, but it's true.
The staff at the school are outstanding, i just don't agree with the 'new school' thing the government seem to be doing. It's just a part of it's plan for mass control of the population.
p.s. Fight the nwo, look it up, gain knowledge on it and take action. Don't beleive the media, think for yourself.

Please keep this comment on here, what damage is it really doing?