Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dog Walker rescued after snow slope plunge.

Police deployed thermal imaging equipment to find a Saltburn woman who slipped 30ft(9m) down a snow-covered slope.
The 51-year-old was walking her two dogs in a densely-wooded area of the Valley Gardens when she slipped off a footpath yesterday.
The Cleveland Police helicopter was drafted in after the woman managed to raise the alarm on her mobile phone.
A search and rescue team were then involved in raising the woman up the slope on a spinal board before she was taken to hospital with suspected back injuries.
The woman, who suffered from moderate hyperthermia and minor injuries, was later discharged.
"I had been walking through the woodlands with my dogs, as I usually do, when a loose dog jumped up behind me. It startled me and I slipped on the icy surface, tumbled over the edge of the path and slid down the bank. Once started I couldn't stop the momentum and eventually had to roll into a tree to block my fall. I couldn't believe it when the owner of the dog simply walked on past and ignored what had happened. Although I called for help other walkers also passed by and didn't stop. I can't thank the police and rescue services enough. They were absolutely marvellous. Without their efforts I don't know what would have happened."
A force spokesman said temperatures in the area at the time were about -2C.
The Valley Gardens area is popular with dog walkers and is known for its steep, wooded paths.
Police urged dog walkers to be aware of the dangers of snow and ice in the area.

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