Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pebble Man on Saltburn Beach

A homeless man, who is hiking around Britain, has spent several weeks on Saltburn Beach and before he continues on his trek would like to thank local people for their help.
The man, whose christian name is George, but is known as Dr Geebers the Pebble Man, insisted he was 'fine' despite the freezing temperatures. He created a pebble sculpture for Christmas. He said people had been very kind with inquiries, food and bedding and a well wisher had given him a tarpaulin sheet for shelter under the bridge near the Ship Inn as his tent blew away in the high winds.
He is officially homeless. He is doing the trek because no one else has done it creating pebble exhibitions at the same time. He began his trek two years ago beginning at Brighton and has lived on 32 beaches, walking 4,500 miles and moved 270 tonnes of pebbles and stones by hand to create his exhibitions.
George, who is not drawing benefits or sponsorship, said, "If people want to contribute towards my costs they put coins in a sack near my site". He doesn't ask for contributions. He added that Saltburn had been the first town where the police had checked his record and he had only had four 'disrespects' of behaviour towards himself on his travels.
He plans to write a book on his travels which he called a 'homeless awareness journey'.

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