Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saltburn's 5th Annual Film Festival

This years annual film festival, being screened as part of Saltburn's 150th anniversary celebrations, will feature movies shot on location in and around the town.

Saltburn sprang up as a holiday resort for wealthy industrialists following the arrival of the first steam train from Darlington on August 17, 1861. To mark its birth a series of events are being held to promote the history of the town.

The annual film competition 'Saltburn Shorts' is taking place on May 12, followed by End Of The Pier, a film originally shown on Channel 4 in 1986 and The End Of An Era commissioned by Dorman Long which shows the last shift of North Skelton Ironstone Mine in 1964.

The 1980 drama series The Gate Of Eden which is set in 1950's Saltburn will be shown on May 13 when three original cast members will talk about the production. The lead actor Richard Gibson, who also starred as Herr Flick in the BBC One sitcom 'Allo,'Allo will be answering questions at the end of the screening.

On May 14 the 1990 film God On The Rocks starring Bill Paterson, Sinead Cusack and Minnie Driver will be shown depicting life in 1930s Saltburn.

Callum Duff is a major contributor to this years annual film festival which is delving into the archives to screen rarely seen local films at Saltburn Community Theatre.
"The town is unique and the film festival is too", said Mr Duff. "I thought it was very important to do something that reconnected with the past so the films show the town at different stages during its life."  Mr Duff is also involved in an archive film project showing the history of the town, a talk by author Freya North whose book Secrets was set in Saltburn and even the production of some special Saltburn 150 seaside rock.

A commemorative plaque is also planned to show the site of Saltburn's first houses at Alpha Place, near the site of Sainsburys.

The growth of Saltburn was driven by the discovery of iron stone in the Cleveland Hills and it became a resort with a high social tone.  It faded during the 1970's and 80s but Saltburn is now having a resurgence. It was built by entrepreneurs and now it is coming full circle.

"This is all about celebrating Saltburns uniqueness", Mr Duff added. "This is Saltburn's 5th Annual Film Festival organised by Saltburn Community Arts Association (SCAA). Far be it from me to take credit for other peoples work, I am merely a contributor to this years programme and wish the association continued success with this venture."

For more information and ticket details visit Facebook page Saltburn OneFifty or call 01287-624997.

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