Friday, April 01, 2011

Time and Tide

As part of this years celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the first steam train arriving in Saltburn, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council in partnership with the Friends of Saltburn Pier have commissioned Liverpool-born photographer, Lawrence Giles, to return to the Pier with his outside photography exhibition "Time and Tide". The exhibition first arrived on the pier to the acclaim of visitors and townspeople alike in 2005.

The exhibition, which finishes on 24th April, features panoramas of the surviving 54 piers of England and Wales and offers a stunning, open air view celebrating the traditional British seaside as typified by our piers.
This is an open air exhibition with the images being attached to the railings of the pier.
Artist Lawrence George Giles spoke about his work when it was first exhibited, saying: "Predominantly my work is about memory and that’s very true about this work which is called ‘Time and Tide’, basically in it’s simplest form the work is a series of 54 large scale photographic panoramas of all the remaining sea side pleasure piers around the coasts of England and Wales, I suppose more importantly for me however is that I believe these sites act as sites of early formative memory, so we’re taken to these sites generally as a child, by our parents or grandparents and we tend to revisit these sites over an extended period of time, possibly returning with our children or our children’s children."
So if you missed it the first time around try to make sure that you take the opportunity to head down to the pier and take a look at this stunning exhibition.

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