Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Saltburn 150 - Ist Town Mosaic Unveiled

This afternoon the town crier was joined by members of the Saltburn 150 committee, artists Helen Gaunt and Derek Mosey and members of the public for the official unveiling of the first Saltburn150 mosaic which has been hung on the wall at Sainsbury’s opposite the Station Platform.

Chairwoman of Saltburn, Marske and New Marske Parish Council,
Vera Rider with Councillor Philip Thomson at the unveiling ceremony.
Councillor Philip Thomson officially welcomed Councillor Vera Rider, chairwoman of Saltburn, Marske and New Marske Parish Council, who performed the unveilling ceremony. Despite the weather everyone waited in eager anticipation to see the results and were not disappointed. The mosaic is the first of five planned and developed over the past few months under the guidance of Helen and Derek.

More community workshops will be held over the coming weeks and each of the five mosaics will be unveiled by different members of the community when completed.

The completed mosaic hangs on the wall at Sainsburys opposite the station platform.

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