Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Saltburn Cliff Lift Adventure

Southside Radio are planning a Guinness Book of Records attempt for the number of live interviews broadcast from Saltburn Cliff Lift on Friday 1st July 2011.

Starting at 9.00a.m Alex Lewczuk will be interviewing a variety of folk from Saltburn whilst producing the show live from the Saltburn Cliff Lift. The output will be relayed to both Southside Broadcasting and siren107.3fm in Lincoln and the interviews will also be featured on their podcast site.

The record breaking attempt means that Alex will conduct interviews while riding up and down in the Cliff Lift throughout the day. He is allowed five minutes every hour for a toilet break and an additional 10 minutes for lunch. Representatives from the Guinness Book of Records will be in attendance and we understand that it will also get significant media – including TV – coverage.

The head of Cultural Development for Redcar & Cleveland BC will be bringing along some folk to be interviewed from local businesses but if any local musicians, artists, poets etc. would like to book some time in Southside Broadcasting would be delighted to feature you.

These podcasts feature Alex Lewczuk meeting with Sheelagh Clarke, Head of Cultural Development in Redcar and Cleveland, and Zohrah Zancudi, beginning the pre-publicity for the July 1st Saltburn Cliff Lift Radio Show.

The Saltburn Cliff Lift Adventure Part 1
The Saltburn Cliff Lift Adventure Part 2

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