Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aurora over Saltburn Pier

The Aurora Borealis - or Northern Lights - occur when solar particles collide with the earth’s magnetic field, lighting the sky, and thanks to a solar storm parts of the UK skies have been brilliantly illuminated over the last two nights.

The lights are one of nature's most spectacular displays, usually seen in the Arctic Circle. However, on Sunday night the first dazzling displays were seen in Scotland, in the north-east of England, Northern Ireland and Ireland. The stunning Northern Lights were also visible across the Teesside coastline.

This picture of the natural light phenomena was captured by Teesside friends and amateur photographers, Richard Glover and Michelle Bennett, on Saltburn seafront on Sunday at 8pm. Both took numerous shots on Michelle’s camera and the picture above was one of the results.

The solar activity is predicted to occur again tonight.


Anonymous said...

does anybody know if it is still visible..is it expected to be seen tonight?

Anonymous said...

Sadly not because of the weather.