Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saltburn's 150th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet now available.

A 34-page commemorative booklet has been published after a year of celebrations in Saltburn held to mark its 150th anniversary.

The £2 booklet, which is available at local outlets including cafes and the SCAA office, contains a potted history of Saltburn compiled by local historians and a host of pictures exclusive to the publication. One shows the Halfpenny Bridge long before it was demolished in 1974 and another shows a major fire at Rushpool Hall in 1904.

The booklet also lists many of the 60-plus events which were held last year to mark the town’s 150th birthday. They included an air and car show on the beach, which attracted 10,000 people last summer, a beer festival, sea and rail trips to Saltburn and a town tea party.

Several events are planned for this year following the fillip given by the year-long birthday ‘bash.’ They include a beach Spectacular based on The Italian Job film and a town-centre arts fair planned to be run with Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art in August.

An important legacy is the five large mosaic panels showing the town’s history from building the pier to creating the valley gardens. Money is still being raised to pay for the £9,600 cost. Donations can be made at the library until the end of January. The mosaics have been created by local artists Helen Jane Gaunt and Derek Mosey with the help of 2,000 men, women and children.

“Saltburn at 150 - 1861-2011” has been published by Saltburn Community and Arts Association Ltd for the 150 group and was printed by Thurston’s Printers in Amber Street, Saltburn. Copies are available from the association’s office in Albion Terrace. Money raised will go towards a proposed town archive.

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