Friday, June 08, 2012

Friends of Saltburn Mortuary

It is now approaching four years since the Friends made their first application, to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, for a lease on the Mortuary.

During the course of these four years, there has been a lot of communication but no real progress to report.

I and David Morris, strongly supported by the 500 Club, have taken up the challenge of trying to obtain the Mortuary on leasehold. We feel that you should be kept informed about any progress made and will endeavour to do this through the columns of Talk of the Town.

The Business Plan and Constitution have been revised, under the guidance of Redcar & Cleveland Council, and resubmitted. We have managed to have a drop-kerb installed immediately in front of the building, which enables easy access for both disabled people and parents with pushchairs.

Many of you completed forms expressing interest in supporting the Friends by offering to pay an annual amount of £5. We would like to think that you remain interested as your cash and, more importantly, your help in running the building would be gratefully accepted should we be successful with our application. There has been an offer to totally refurbish the inside of the building with a view to recreating the original appearance when the Mortuary was first built.

It is still the intention to rent out the building for displays and exhibitions so feel free to contact us if you represent any group which may be interested.
In my latest correspondence with the Council, it has been indicated that the building could possibly be advertised as surplus to requirements at the end of May. At that point, our application would be considered along with those of any other parties interested in acquiring the building.

Trevor Welburn
Chairman of The Friends of Saltburn Mortuary

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Does anyone have any information about the Smuggler's Centre?