Monday, June 18, 2012

The Olympic Torch - day 31 - the relay through Saltburn

This morning saw the Olympic flame begin travelling on its journey from Middlesbrough through the coastal resorts of Redcar, Marske, and Saltburn towards Whitby on its way to Hull.

An early start saw artists Helen and Derek Mosey on the sands preparing a sand sculpture to welcome the arrival of the torch on Saltburn's sea front.

Meanwhile 17 year old James Coupland, the first torchbearer of the day, found himself standing at the top of Middlesbrough's landmark Transporter Bridge as the relay prepared to say goodbye to Middlesbrough and begin it's first road convoy along the coast.

The torch arrived in Redcar to celebratory cheers from the crowds as the sun came out and the relay continued on its way through Marske before arriving in Saltburn at 7:54am

The first runner to carry the flame through Saltburn was John Pearson of Saltburn's youth project 'Doorways'- a resource for younger people run by John - who then passed the flame on to an enthusiastic Gerry McBride.

Gerry is well known locally for his participation in the British Cycling Skyride initiative and the Tees Valley Riders family cycling club.

Gerry passed the flame on to Shaun Campbell of Darlington who runs a campaign to honour Arthur Wharton, the world's first professional black footballer, and uses his story to inspire young people and educate them about racism.

The torches kiss as Shaun Campbell hands the flame over to Robert Swift.

The final leg of the relay through Saltburn saw Robert, a resident of Dubai, carrying the torch past the Zetland hotel and down Saltburn Bank where he was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd as he reached the seafront and the Ship Inn before the Olympic convoy moved on to Brotton.

Olympic Torch video

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