Saturday, May 24, 2014

Goal! Yarn bombers score another hit to celebrate the World Cup.

Saltburn's nimble-fingered knitters have struck once more, scoring another hit with the locals and delighting visitors to the Pier.

The latest in a long line of inventive one-off pieces guaranteed to leave visitors in stitches suddenly appeared overnight. This time around they have been inspired by the forthcoming World Cup, due to get underway in Brazil next month.

The latest woolly wonders celebrate a united nations of footballing countries.

Brazil obviously features being the host nation but many other countries are also represented.

Some playfully poke fun at national stereotypes, such as the Frenchman wearing a stripey jumper, beret and a string of onions round his neck.

England is represented by a fan with a bulldog, next to a Mini with a trophy and the Flag of St George on its roof.

Other highlights include Argentina, with a Maradona “Hand of God” figure, an American hotdog, Belgium’s Poirot, Russian dolls and Swiss cheese, not forgetting many proud African and South American nations.

Visitors who braved today's miserable weather to walk the pier got a pleasant surprise and were not disappointed with what they discovered.

Their creators remain unknown, beavering away anonymously, a classic whodunnit. What will be next for the Saltburn yarnbombers? Only they know, but whatever it is it is guaranteed to make you smile.

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Erin said...

Dear Saltburn Yarn Bombers!

I am writing with a plea for help in the hope that you will see this post. I am a Saltburn girl who is getting married next year and am desperate to have 100 crocheted little lobsters as wedding favours for guests on the big day. Unfortunately I lack the skills to create the little fellas myself.

I wondered if any talented Saltburn folk would be able to create some little lobsters for my big day. Any tips or advice of anyone with such talents would be much appreciated!