Thursday, March 15, 2007

134 reasons to visit Saltburn

Saltburn is getting ready for a bumper year of activities for all ages to enjoy. 2007 will celebrate two special community anniversaries, the 20th Anniversary of Saltburn in Bloom and the 60th anniversary of the Saltburn miniature railway alongside a further 132 local activities planned between April and December. The events range from the Saltburn Victorian Footballers’ Duck Derby and the Pageant of Light to a night with Barry Norman at the Community Theatre. You can download a copy of these events here. (n.b. this version requires Microsoft Publisher. We are working on a pdf version which should be available soon.)

There has always been a strong community spirit in Saltburn and a drive to realise the potential of this beautifully preserved Victorian Spa town. It is this enormous creative energy that helps keep Saltburn vibrant. A recent government report has highlighted the serious social and economic issues facing the seaside economies and as Saltburn Agora Partnership spokeswoman Stephanie French says “It is the commitment of the local community to Saltburn that helps keep this wonderful town alive”.

Saltburn is one of eight pilot communities selected by Manchester Metropolitan University and the Association of Town Centre Management as part of the Agora project, which is part funded by the European Social Fund’s Equal Programme. This project aims to reverse economic decline on the high street by ensuring town centers are run to serve the needs of their local communities.

For more information contact: Stephanie French
Agora partnership
26 Station Street
Saltburn TS12 1AE

Tel: 01287 625326
Fax: 01287 625527

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