Sunday, March 04, 2007

150th Celebrations

Did you know that one of the first railway hotels in the world was built in Saltburn - the Zetland - in 1863? Some journals of the time recorded it as the best railway hotel in the world.
Did you know that one of the earliest telephone conversations was made in 1877 using apparatus which connected wires laid across the Halfpenny Bridge

Saltburn Station circa 1910

A public meeting held on Friday 16th February in the Community Hall agreed to start planning for a sustained period of celebrations in 2011 to commemorate the arrival of the first steam train into Saltburn on the 17th August 1861.
Representatives from a variety of local organisations agreed to support an exhibition, related to the 'Victorian Week' celebrations of 1986, to be held in the Community Hall on Sunday 15th July. This would be a reminder of what happened in 1986 for those who took part and would give an idea of what was missed for those who were unable to do so.
Of the many ideas generated for the future, ranging from massed brass bands, choirs, fireworks at the end of the pier and temporarily closing off Station Square, it was felt that the emphasis should be put on Saltburn's railway heritage. Steam trains could be organised to bring visitors in to enjoy a well planned programme of events with the possibility of using the incoming trains to run on the Skinningrove line throughout the day.
A further open meeting was planned for the 5th June to continue discussions and welcome any additional individuals or groups who wish to be involved. Saltburn Community and Arts Association can be contacted on 01287 624997 to receive any thought or ideas.

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