Thursday, March 08, 2007

Saltburn Foreshore Committee

This newly constituted committee was initially born out of the growing frustration over the lack of total management, leadership and foresight with regard to Saltburn's prime resource and traditional focal point - the seashore.
Saltburn has resort status; this means it is actively promoted as a tourist destination. An exploration of the gift shop in the Tourist Information Centre reveals how much effort goes into this endeavour. The latest, most reliable data to confirm that visitor numbers have increased are the ticket sales on the Cliff Lift and the fact that both car parks on the lower promenade will shortly be charged all year round. This committee will be asking robust questions of the local authority and will highlight problems as well as promoting events and working to actively improve the overall look, efficiency and business potential that should have been addressed, given the amount of regeneration money already spent.
The Foreshore Committee's overiding remit and the primary reason for its establishment is to act as a lobbying/pressure group in order to effectively target exisiting resources; constantly improve services; maintain infrastructure and successfully promote tourist facilities for both upper and lower promenades. To this end we will be regularly updating a website and in line with our constitutional aims will be regularly reporting our progress in achieving these goals.
the 2007 season is approaching and the seafront remains in an underdeveloped condition. In spite of resident businesses persevereing we find ourselves in basically the same position as 10 years ago. Our aim for 2007 is to bring together local people, public sector organisations and businesses in order to have a sea front that we can be proud of. There is no room for party political allegiances within these aims. It's about common sense and having a vision for improving and maintaining our wonderful sea front that will be long lasting and sustainable.
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