Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saltburn Woodland Centre Stays Open

Towards the end of winter a lot goes on in secret under the ground and when Spring finally arrives, flowers burst into a welcome blaze of colour –or not, if they haven’t made it through the long hard winter. I am happy to report that the Valley is looking beautiful!
That’s all I want to say on the recent politics of the Woodland Centre and R.C.B.C cost cutting exercises!
The Woodland Centre remains open! Friends of the Valley, busy little moles that we have been, can now to be spotted in bright green sweatshirts sporting a new logo. We have much work ahead of us if the centre is to remain open in the long term. We need to attract considerably more funding and find ways of generating income. We need a higher public profile - the new high visibility sweatshirts are a start!
We warmly invite and welcome new members. We had an amazing response to our petition which was circulated around the town and it is clear that the Woodland Centre is a valued asset to the community but it needs real commitment to maintain it.
To end positively, we have won an award of £4,700 from Northern Gas Networks for the restoration of the wild flower meadow near the viaduct and for the creation of bee and butterfly gardens.
This is the beginning of a new era.
Lorna Moone F.O.V.

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