Thursday, March 31, 2011

High Tide and Short Wellies

Sculptor Ray Lonsdale's latest work now stands outside of Saltburn's ArtsBank. An original large scale sculpture of a fisherman, with his reel and mornings catch, was specially commissioned by the gallery and can be viewed by all who pass by.
A steel fabricator from Durham, sculpture has always been Ray’s passion. Following the achievement of winning The People’s Award within the Hanging Jury Competition 2003 in Newcastle, Ray is now receiving increasing acclaim and attention for his highly distinctive and thought provoking work.
Lonsdale's collections to date show the sculptor's fascination with the human form. Built from steel, his work conveys incredible sensitivity and emotion, often providing deep moments of reflection. His figures are made even more intriguing by the ‘secret meaning' contained within the head of his sculptures, created in a 3D mosaic profile each head usually contains a different object which provides a greater meaning to each piece.

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