Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sitting Room opens.

A new-style cafe, concentrating on tea rather than the usual coffee, opened in Saltburn on Saturday, March 12th during the farmers’ market.
Photographic gallery Profile has moved from its Ruby Street premises to the station precinct and opened The Sitting Room in the former tourist office.
"We serve Old English and vintage teas and cakes as well as coffee," said Bob Mitchell, who has spent the last four months renovating the shop. He and associates, his wife Becky and fellow-photographers Mark and Nel
Hickson, open a gallery next door on April 9th. They hope they have solved the pigeon problem above the outer area adjoining their premises. Mark
Hickson said they had persuaded the landlord to install four inch long steel lengths along the ledge above the alcove where pigeons used to perch.
"We couldn’t have pigeons above while people were sitting at tables outside. The new deterrent seems to have done the trick," he said.
The cafe also has a working record player and customers are welcome to bring their favourite vinyl along to listen to whilst enjoying their cup of tea.

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