Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hummersea steps back...

STEPS are now back in place for walkers to go down the long steep descent to the beach at Hummersea, near Loftus, from the clifftop thanks to a £31,000 restoration scheme. Hinderwell-based contractors DM and JM Barker Construction Limited have carried out the work, funded by Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council's Countryside Section and the Impetus Environmental Trust. It has involved the installation of dozens of steps, including a metal section at the base of the climb, providing necessary protection from the sea. The Council's Cabinet Member for Rural Affairs Councillor Graham Jeffery said:"The steps are a unique feature of the coastline. The Countryside Section recognises their importance, the restoration of the access will give the area a boost, positively impacting on visitor numbers." Hummersea Beach has been used by families on day visits to the coast and for mineral extraction and export. Following closure of the alum mines, the beach became a tranquil spot for local people. Use was so frequent that over time a public right of way was claimed. The Cleveland Way National Trail runs along the clifftop and the access down to the beach creates an interesting stop-off for visitors from far and wide. In 2004, during a violent storm, the steps were ripped from the cliff side and were unable to be repaired, so replacement was the only option.
Work has also begun on one of the cliff paths at Saltburn. The access to the lower promenade from the upper promenade at the bottom of Emerald street has seen the pathway cleared and a re-distribution and levellling of the clay banks along the side of the steps. As yet this work appears to be still 'under construction' and the way has not yet been opened up to the public. However it does seem to be a 'step in the right direction' after such a long time waiting.

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