Sunday, May 29, 2011

Christian Aid nets £1,233

Cluny Blenkey, right,  holds up an old 6p piece found in a Christian Aid
envelope. But Annette Adams, left, and the Rev Chris Eddy are happy
with the £1,233 sterling total raised in Saltburn
A dozen foreign coins were included in the £1,233 given during a house-to-house collection in Saltburn for the Christian Aid overseas development charity.

"All donations are welcome," said Annette Adams, one of a group of volunteers counting the money on Wednesday May 25th. We are very grateful to all who contributed, including the donor of a Euro, an old British tanner and an old 20 lire Italian coin. This coin had us puzzled before we found an Italian restaurant to help us identify it. The number of foreign coins is about usual for our house-to-house collections."

Mrs Adams said the amount raised was down on the near £2,000 given in 2009, but the organisrs were happy with the total, particularly since the number of collectors were fewer than the last time aid was collected in 2009.

The a gap in Christian Aid week activities held in Saltburn last year was due to the organiser being unable to continue and a new organiser is still being sought for 2012.

The 2011 week fund-raising, which was run by Saltburn Churches Together, was boosted by a coffee morning held at the Methodist hall and a collection at Emmanuel. A Sunday bun-and-soup lunch is to be held at Emmanuel soon.

More information can be had by phoning 01287-624674.

Cash note: The foreign coins include American and Canadian cents and several Euro cents.

Mike Morissey

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