Friday, May 27, 2011

Mosaic Magic

People of all ages flocked to Saltburn on Saturday May 21st to participate in the making of a mosaic jigsaw which will be hung on a supermarket wall.
Families, as well as youngsters, pasted tiny pieces of coloured glass on to a 14ft by 4ft panel during a three-hour outdoor workshop.

"It's been fantastic," said Christine Shelley, of Brotton, who visited with daughter Joanne Simpson and granddaughter Kennedy, 11, plus her friend Paige Ditchburn, 10. "We've spent 20 minutes on the work, longer than expected because we've been so engrossed."

BEACH SCENE: Joanne Simpson and mother Christine Shelley with Kennedy Simpson,
11, and Paige Ditchburn, 10, spent 20 minutes fixing tiny pieces in place on a beach scene.
The panel will be unveiled on June 8.

Debbie Hermon, of Saltburn, who joined in with daughter Jenni Wright, said: "It's addictive work. We've helped to put green glass in the hills' part of a scene from the pier. It's been brilliant fun."

Helen Jane Gaunt, who designed the mosaic panels with Derek Mosey, said: "We want as many people as possible to have a go. The next workshop will be held tomorrow (Sat May 28) at the artists' gallery, Marske Road, during an exhibition. Further workshops will take place each month until August."

Councillor Philip Thomson, chairman of Saltburn's 150 anniversary coordinating group, who was urging passers by to have a go, said: "The idea is for a permanent exhibition to mark the town's 150th anniversry.

"The first panel will be completed and put up on Wednesday June 8th at 2.30. The centre- piece will be unveiled on August 17th.

"Each panel will be unveiled by a different members of the community, whose identity will not be revealed until the day. A very special person will perform the ceremony in August."

Coun Thomson said money to pay for the work would come from grants and donations.

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