Sunday, May 29, 2011

Commendation for ArtsBank stand at Chelsea Flower Show.

Saltburn's ArtsBank gallery has won a Royal Horticultural Society commendation for its stand at the Chelsea Flower Show. Believed to be the only gallery at the show from the North-east this year it's stand features the work of resident steel sculptor Ray Lonsdale and resident steel painter Russell Hatton. Described by the Guardian as 'a brilliant local initiative in a town full of artists' the stand has been 'deservedly popular' as hundreds have been attracted to the Milton Street-based ArtsBank’s exhibit, which has flower beds cleverly sited to emphasise the artists’ work.

The ArtsBank stand at the Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Owner Bryan Goodall, 61, of Nunthorpe, said, “This is the first time any gallery from our area has exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show as far as we’re aware. The stand has already attracted thousands of showgoers and we have £100,000 of locally-based work on show. We have already had £10,000 of commissions for Russell Hatton’s paintings from a UK customer.

Ray Lonsdale’s steel sculptures were the central subject of the successful 'Death of Steel' exhibition at the ArtsBank last year, and can now be viewed at Middlesbrough’s Dorman Museum. Russell Hatton’s paintings, on steel and aluminium, are also widely known.

Mr Goodall said, “We were invited to take part at Chelsea because of the outstanding work of these two artists, who exclusively exhibit at ArtsBank.
Our stand was designed and built by our production manager Glen Robson with the help of assistant John Bowerbank. The concept was put together by gallery mananger Debbie Cockerill. The success has been beyond our expectations and we’ll be invited back again next year because of our commendation. It just shows the talent that’s available on Teesside and we’re really flying the flag for Saltburn!”

The sculpture at the centre of the ArtsBank Chelsea
Flower Show stand as it was originally featured in the
 'Death of Steel' exhibition in Saltburn in April 2010.

The Guardian's report can be read here.

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