Monday, July 11, 2011

Alpha Place Memorial Fund - your help needed!

To officially mark the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Saltburn's first passenger train, we had planned to unveil a plaque showing the site of Saltburns first houses, Alpha Place, on the 17th August 2011, Saltburn's official 150th birthday.

The Saltburn Galop
Alpha Place was situated on what is now a grass verge in Sainsburys car park opposite the ends of Ruby and Garnet Streets. In was demolished in 1901 because it encroached into the road and impeded further development of Milton St as a major thoroughfare. A decorative stone relief was saved and is incorporated into the wall of Marine Court built in 1961, the year of Saltburn's 100th year celebrations.

As part of the unveiling we will have a performance of 'The Saltburn-by-the-Sea Galop' by Marske Brass Band. This is a brand new arrangement of this tune and it will be the first time it has been performed for 135 years.

At this point time and a lack of resources mean that we have had to postpone this project but we hope to build and unveil the plaque in November 2011, the 100th anniversary of the demolition of Alpha Place.

It will cost over £2000 for the whole project and we are exploring raising the money by grant aid. However as a way of encouraging donations we would like to encourage you to buy pieces of the structure to enable us to pay the labour costs for building;

White Pease Bricks - £5
White Edging Tiles - £20
Blue Granite Setts - £20
Bag of Sand - £30 *
Bag of Cement - £30*
 * Donations Welcome

If you are interested in making a donation please message Callum Duff privately stating how much you wish to pledge and he will send you details. All those who donate will be issued with a certificate thanking them for their donation. (If you do not have a Facebook account and would like to donate please let know via email and we'll pass your information on).

For any donations over £200 we will have the individual or company's name carved into a stone on the rear of the structure.

This site is where Saltburn's first passenger train arrived and where the town was founded. It should be marked in some way and with your help it will be. Thank you for your time.

Callum Duff and Tony & Cath Lynn.

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