Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saltburn Cliff Hoist Plaque unveiled.

A plaque to mark Saltburn's original cliff-hoist, forerunner of the now world-famous cliff-lift, was unveiled by Councillor Vera Rider, chairman of Saltburn, Marske and New Marske Parish Council today. (Thurs July 28).

Coun Vera Rider, of Saltburn, Marske and New Marske Parish Council, chats to retired
cliff-lift engineer Ken Fellows after officially unveiling a plaque to mark the cliff hoist's
life 1870-83. This was succeeded by the water-powered lift, which now carries over
 100,000 passengers a year up and down to the beach.

She told a crowd of councillors and onlookers that it was the third of four plaques to pinpoint historical areas of the parish.

The next one to be unveiled will be to remember car and motor-cycle speed records on Saltburn's sands in the early 20th century. This ceremony will take place at the top of the cliff lift on Saturday September 17th at 10.30am. Members of the public will be welcome.

Among the crowd - at the pier end of the cliff-lift - was Ken Fellows, 71, of Guisborough, who retired as lift engineer after 20 years in 2005. "The plaque is wonderful. I'm glad the hoist and lift are being recognised," he said.

The four plaques commissioned so far have cost a total of £1,000.

The other two plaques are at the town's bandstand - marking the site of the Halfpenny Bridge - and at Winkie's Castle museum, Marske.

Two others are planned for St Germain's church tower, Marske, and the site of the former water tower in Upleatham Street, Saltburn. Both are to be put up in 2012.

The four made so far were designed and made by Eddie Guy, of SignArt, Saltburn.

The plaque, sited on the wall of the cliff lift.

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